Online Alarm Clock

Online alarm clock is a convenient and easy to use online tool that you can use to set an alarm for you to wake up in time, or to notify you in any activities you do.

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How to use the online alarm clock?

The online alarm clock is designed to be simple and easy to use, here is how you can use it to set your alarm.

  1. Set an alarm time in hour and minute options.
  2. Set an alarm sound you want to hear, don't forget to turn up the volume of your device.
  3. You may optionally set an alarm name to note what this alarm is about.
  4. Finally, click set alarm button to start and wait for your alarm.

While the alarm clock is working, you have to keep this page (or tab) opened, you may need to switch to another tab and this alarm clock will still work as long as you don't close this page.

What is the online alarm clock?

The online alarm clock is a tool that you can use to set an alarm for you to wake up in the morning, or to notify you for any activities that you might be doing. For example, reading a book, taking an exam, exercising, playing a game, etc. You can use this online alarm clock easily via a web browser in your computer, tablet, or phone without needing to install any app.

How does the online alarm clock work?

The online alarm clock uses time on your device in order to notify you when the time you set has arrived. You use this online alarm clock as a page via a web browser on your computer, tablet, or mobile. And after you have set an alarm, you need to keep this page open because this online alarm clock only runs on this page, this is the reason why you don't need to install an app to use it.

Does the online alarm clock work in sleep mode?

No, the online alarm clock does not work in sleep mode and only work when your device's screen is up. When using this online alarm clock on a device that can enter a sleep mode such as in computers or laptops. Make sure to turn a sleep mode on your devices off to prevent the alarm clock from not alarming when an alarm time has reached.

Can I use YouTube songs as an alarm sound?

Yes, you can use YouTube songs as an alarm sound. An interesting feature about this online alarm clock is that you can use any YouTube song or video as an alarm sound by setting "Use sounds from YouTube" in the alarm sound option, then copy a link of the YouTube song that you want to use in the text box below it, and you're ready to create an alarm clock with your favorite music on YouTube.

When using YouTube songs as an alarm sound, this tab need to be opened or active at the time the alarm clock finishes. This is because the browser will prevent the YouTube player from being played by the alarm clock when the tab isn't active.